Ultrabounce Silver

Maintain the "just fitted" look of your flooring with an Ultrabounce Silver underlay.

The Ultrabounce Silver underlay that we fit here at Carpet Sale Centre has a number of benefits, including:

  • Bounceback: The Ultrabounce GSilver underlay retains its "spring", even when its been under pressure.
    Silver consists of a strong mesh which means that it is durable and not prone to moving or stretching, which greatly reduces wear and tear.
  • Comfort: The high-quality polyurethane foam which the Bounceback Supreme underlay consists of, maximises the luxurious feel to your carpet.

  • Sound Insulation: By having Ultrabounce Silver fitted beneath your flooring, you will notice that the high density of this underlay will make the entire room noticeably quieter (approx 38dB).

  • Thermal Insulation: Not only will Ultrabounce Silver give your carpet a soft feel, but it will also make your room feel much warmer.

  • Recyclable: Ultrabounce Silver is made from a dense polyurethane foam which is 100% recyclable.

QAU-ULS-01 Size: 1.37m x 11m (15.07m2) / Thickness: 9mm

Ultrabounce Silver

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